A Simple Key For 최상위 노출 Unveiled

한국 불교에 관한 연구도 로버트 버스웰 등의 여러 학자들의 노력을 통하여, 중국 불교의 일파로서가 아니라 그 자체로서 고유한 전통으로서 알려지게 되었다.

She hurried out with the facet back garden into the entrance, where by she could stand like in an huge gulf of white light, the moon streaming high in face of her, the moonlight standing up within the hills in front, and filling the valley in which the Bottoms crouched, Nearly blindingly. There, panting and fifty percent weeping in response with the strain, she murmured to herself over and over all over again: “The nuisance! the nuisance!” She became aware about one thing about her. Having an hard work she roused herself to see what it had been that penetrated her consciousness. The tall white lilies had been reeling while in the moonlight, and the air was charged with their perfume, as with a presence. Mrs. Morel gasped somewhat in anxiety. She touched the massive, pallid flowers on their own petals, then shivered. They seemed to be stretching inside the moonlight. She place her hand into one white bin: the gold scarcely confirmed on her fingers by moonlight. She bent all the way down to consider the binful of yellow pollen; but it surely only appeared dusky. Then she drank a deep draught of your scent.

“I suppose it’s my heart,” she replied. Unquestionably she appeared bluish round the mouth. “And possess you felt it right before?” “Sure—often plenty of.” “Then why haven’t you advised me?—and why haven’t you seen a physician?” Mrs. Morel shifted in her chair, angry with him for his hectoring. “You’d by no means detect something,” stated Annie. “You’re also desirous to be off with Miriam.” “Oh, am I—and any worse than you with Leonard?” “I was in at a quarter to 10.” There was silence in the area for your time.% “I must have imagined,” reported Mrs. Morel bitterly, “that she wouldn’t have occupied you so entirely as to burn a complete ovenful of bread.” “Beatrice was below and also she.” “Pretty possible.

It had been close to six o’clock when he acquired down. This time he entered without the need of hesitation, his wincing sensitiveness owning hardened once again. He did not care any longer what the spouse and children assumed or felt. The tea-items were being to the table. William was looking at aloud from “The Child’s Possess”, Annie listening and inquiring eternally “why?” Both equally children hushed into silence since they read the approaching thud of their father’s stockinged feet, and shrank as he entered. But he was generally indulgent to them.% Morel made the food by itself, brutally. He ate and drank more noisily than he had have to have. No-one spoke to him. The spouse and children everyday living withdrew, shrank absent, and have become hushed as he entered. But he cared no more about his alienation. Straight away he experienced finished tea he rose with alacrity to head out. It was this alacrity, this haste being gone, which so sickened Mrs. Morel. As she read him sousing heartily in cold h2o, read the eager scratch in the metal comb about the side with the bowl, as he wetted his hair, she shut her eyes in disgust.

“I believe I’ve seen him ahead of,” replied Mrs. Dawes indifferently, as she shook fingers with him. She experienced scornful gray eyes, a skin like white honey, and a complete mouth, with a slightly lifted upper lip that didn't know irrespective of whether it was raised in scorn of all Adult males or from eagerness to get kissed, but which considered the previous. She carried her head again, like she experienced drawn absent in contempt, Possibly from Adult men also. She wore a big, dowdy hat of black beaver, in addition to a form of slightly affected uncomplicated costume that designed her seem instead sack-like. She was evidently inadequate, and experienced not A great deal taste. Miriam ordinarily appeared great.% “The place have you seen me?” Paul requested of the lady. She checked out him just as if she wouldn't problems to answer. Then: “Walking with Louie Travers,” she mentioned. Louie was on the list of “Spiral” ladies.

CHAPTER VII LAD-AND-Woman Like Paul%were often times up to Willey Farm during the autumn. He was buddies Along with the two youngest boys. Edgar the eldest, wouldn't condescend to start with. And Miriam also refused for being approached. She was afraid of getting set at nought, as by her possess brothers. The girl was romantic in her soul. In all places was a Walter Scott heroine remaining liked by Adult males with helmets or with plumes within their caps. She herself was a little something of the princess became a swine-Woman in her have creativeness. And she was concerned lest this boy, who, Yet, looked something like a Walter Scott hero, who could paint and communicate French, and knew what algebra meant, and who glided by prepare to Nottingham everyday, may well look at her just given that the swine-Lady, struggling to understand the princess beneath; so she held aloof.

Presently two Gentlemen appeared, bowed beneath an excellent fat. It had been Morel and his neighbour.% “Steady!” referred to as Morel, outside of breath. He and his fellow mounted the steep backyard garden action, heaved into the candlelight with their gleaming coffin-conclude. Limbs of other Adult males had been observed battling at the rear of. Morel and Burns, in front, staggered; the great dim pounds swayed. “Continual, regular!” cried Morel, just as if in ache. Each of the 6 bearers were up inside the modest yard, holding the great coffin aloft. There have been a few more actions for the doorway. The yellow lamp on the carriage shone alone down the black road. “Now then!” said Morel. The coffin swayed, the Gentlemen started to mount the 3 methods with their load. Annie’s candle flickered, and he or she whimpered as the very first Adult males appeared, and the limbs and bowed heads of six Males struggled to climb into the area, bearing the coffin that rode like sorrow on their dwelling flesh.

대신, 어떤 문헌이 아시아에서 와서 어떤 학자의 책상에 올려지는 그 과정, 왜 이 문헌이 아닌 저 문헌이 편집되고 번역되었는지 등의 점에 대해 분석한다. 예를 들어, 왜 부르누는 인도 불교의 중요한 경전들 수십권을 읽고 난 후, 대승불교에서의 법화경의 중요성에 대해서 아무것도 모른 상태에서 왜 하필 법화경을 번역하기로 선택했는지 등을 탐구해보는 것은 아주 흥미있는 일이다.

The 2 sat speaking for quite a while, when suddenly the boy rose, expressing: “Well, I’ll be heading and observing if my mom needs an errand undertaking.” He pretended for being correctly cheerful, and did not notify his Pal what ailed him. Then he ran indoors.% Morel at these instances came in churlish and hateful. “This is the pleasant time to come property,” explained Mrs. Morel. “Wha’s it matter to yo’ what time I occur whoam?” he shouted. And All people in the home was continue to, mainly because he was harmful. He ate his foods in quite possibly the most brutal way attainable, and, when he had accomplished, pushed the many pots inside of a heap from him, to lay his arms on the table. Then he went to rest. Paul hated his father so. The collier’s compact, mean head, with its black hair slightly soiled with grey, lay over the bare arms, and the face, filthy and inflamed, having a fleshy nose and slim, paltry brows, was turned sideways, asleep with beer and weariness and awful mood.

문화제국주의의 모습을 턴스톨은 “세계 도처에서 지역문화가 미국의 경박한 상품들과 매스미디어 생산물들의 무차별적인 대량판매에 의해 파괴되고 소멸되는 현상”이라고 말했다. 그러나 이러한 설명은 지나치게 단순하고 경우에 따라서는 오해와 왜곡을 불러일으킬 수 있다.

the sunny leaves in the morning, or sat in her bedroom aloft, on your own, when it snowed. Which was lifetime to her. For the rest, she drudged in your home, which work she wouldn't have minded had not her thoroughly clean purple floor been mucked up immediately because of the trampling farm-boots of her brothers. She madly desired her tiny brother of four to Permit her swathe him and stifle him in her like; she went to church reverently, with bowed head, and quivered in anguish within the vulgarity of one other choir-ladies and from your typical-sounding voice with the curate; she fought with her brothers, whom she viewed as brutal louts; and he or she held not her father in far too large esteem simply because he didn't carry any mystical ideals cherished in his heart, but only planned to have as uncomplicated a time as he could, and his foods when he was ready for them.% She hated her placement as swine-girl. She wanted to be regarded as. She wanted to study, thinking that if she could read, as Paul reported he could go through, “Colomba”, or the “Voyage autour de ma Chambre”, the planet would have a different deal with for her in addition to a deepened regard. She couldn't be princess by prosperity or standing.

그리고 우리는 폭력을 정상적인 상태의 변태, 즉 인류 역사의 가설적인 '직선'으로부터의 탈선으로 간주해야하는가, 아니면 우리는 그것이 자신을 선행한 것의 진실을 표상하고 따라서 이러한 관점으로부터 인종주의의 씨앗들은 민족주의의 탄생으로부터, 아니 심지어는 진정으로 민족들이 존재하기 시작한 그 시점으로부터, 정치의 한복판에 놓여있는 것으로 보여질 수 있다고 인정해야만 하는가?

honeysuckle leaves hung prior to the window, some currently, she fancied, showing bud. It was spring, which she cherished and dreaded.% Listening to the clack on the gate she stood in suspense. It had been a brilliant gray day. Paul arrived in to the property along with his bicycle, which glittered as he walked. Generally he rang his bell and laughed to your house. To-working day he walked with shut lips and chilly, cruel bearing, that had some thing of a slouch and a sneer in it. She knew him perfectly by now, and could inform from that eager-looking, aloof youthful overall body of his what was occurring inside him. There was a chilly correctness in the way he place his bicycle in its place, that manufactured her coronary heart sink. She arrived downstairs nervously. She was putting on a different Internet blouse that she believed turned her. It experienced a large collar having a small ruff, reminding her of Mary, read more Queen of Scots, and generating her, she believed, glance beautifully a girl, and dignified. At twenty she was entire-breasted and luxuriously fashioned. Her facial area was still like a delicate abundant mask, unchangeable.

he was restless of an night: it wasn't adequate for him simply to be near her, she realised. She was glad when he established himself to minimal Work.% He was a remarkably handy guy—could make or mend something. So she would say: “I do like that coal-rake of your respective mother’s—it really is modest and natty.” “Does ter, my wench? Properly, I created that, so I can make thee one particular! “ “What! why, it’s a steel 1!” “An’ what if it is! Tha s’lt ha’e just one very similar, if not specifically exact.” She did not head the mess, nor the hammering and sound. He was chaotic and pleased. But from the seventh thirty day period, when she was brushing his Sunday coat, she felt papers within the breast pocket, and, seized with a unexpected curiosity, took them out to go through. He incredibly seldom wore the frock-coat he was married in: and it experienced not transpired to her just before to come to feel curious concerning the papers.

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